Policies are identified unmet needs of young people is formed together with the same interests. Wanted risk zones, indigenous protection, through self-help workshops. They create the foundation of the organization.You create rules of the organization. Are created working committees. Start of operation of the organization.

The bonds among the organization and the communities are consolidated and stronger every day because the vision, the commitment and the vision was constructed under the premise of human development and life’s quality.


Investigative efforts are made shares personal and professional contacts are made and more people are involved arise Medico-Dental brigades, as an aid to social projection is of utmost importance to the organization.


Project to consolidate the community’s organizations such as Water Joint, Neighbor’s Associations in 5 Lenca Communities such as Manazapa, Rio Grande, El Zapote, Chiligatoro. In this project we were awarded with an award consistent in a scholarship in the Europe Central University in Hungary for Human Right Master’s Degree.


Social assistance for Lenca Communities, we began with the training process in Alphabetization, Human Rights, Agriculture and Medical Assitance..

During this period a political event redefine the political scenario, it was the coup of etat against Manuel Zelaya, the polarization made an environment hostile and very confrontative.

Our main goal was the establishment of a culture of tolerance and respect and conflicts resolutions by conciliation as the main aspect.


Strong political crisis in the country The organization seeks to empower its members to instill in them values ​​that are founded on principles of equality. They develop proposals and projects for the protection of human rights in domestic violence issues, equal gender participation in the democratic system of the country.

Actions for nominating candidates to recruit new members December 28 - Presentation of candidates for membership are developed Brigades and workshops in the member to generate a shift in consciousness.


January 2010 - Filtration and selection of new members Strengthening the working committees. Work Plan for the year 2010 Brigades continue Dentistry and self-help workshops and training on human rights, indigenous in specific areas.


Specific, gender equality in the country's democratic system, Combating Domestic Violence, plans for the creation of legal clinics. Topics Drugs and alcohol prevention in youth. Intensified workshops for members. It identifies the need to develop leaders committed to the community, and to those people that their rights are violated. Continue outreach activities nationwide.

We obtained the official and government registration, this fundamental achievement allowed us for the establishment of contacts with potential donors and national and international organizations with which we can make strategic alliances for projects execution for the lenca zone communities.


  • “First Forum of Legal Empowerment and Human Rights”. JLC Tegucigalpa, Honduras Central America.
  • Gender Human Rights and Health, Panamerican Health Organization.
  • International Leadership Program for Human Rights, USA, Connecticut.
  • MiPYME Entrreprenurial and Gender Equality Program UN-Habitat, Nairobi.


  • ICF Initiative for Honduras. Progressio
  • Young Leaders Forum and Global Conference on Democracy, Human Rights and the Fragility of Freedom, McGill University Centre for Human Rights and Legal Pluralism
  • Echenberg Fellow 2013
  • MiPYME Entrreprenurial and Gender Equality Program UN-Habitat, Nairobi.


  • Human Rights Promotion and Empowerment UNDP-HONDURAS
  • MiPYME Entrreprenurial and Gender Equality Program UN-Habitat, Nairobi.


  • Autosustained Project of medical assistance, and Legal Counseling in the modality of Mobile Clinic Legal, for providing legal counseling to the member of the lenca communities as required.
  • Website redesign and a new corporative image.
  • Design and implementation of a new volunteer program worldwide.