This project has been one of the most difficult challenges that the organization has had to face, we are faced with a reality where most people in our area of influence only eat one meal a day, where income for the family is not stable or non-existent. As an organization we identified the strengths that could be used as a source of sustainable food creation for the beneficiary families; We have target communities that are rich in flora and fauna and have fertile lands and access to the sea; We develop pilot projects on topics such as:

  1. School gardens, which guarantee that the child who attends school will have a quality diet.
  2. Family gardens functioned as a means of income as well as ensuring healthy food in the beneficiary families.
  3. Fish farming
  4. Chicken breeding.
  5. Responsible and sustainable exploitation of the sea.

These communities have a large territorial space, but they lack the funds to be able to exploit them and they lack a commercial guide to be able to guarantee at least the production of their own food, this project through the program seeks to guarantee that the communities ensure their food from integral form.