There are realities that today persist and contradict all the international levels and regulations on the scope of the laws that protect the women rights; These beneficiary communities  from the project are no exception, there are many challenges to meet in communities where a violation is justified by a legal relationship that puts women at a clear disadvantage of their rights as an independent person, this project seeks to guarantee in an effective way the  respect for women and their rights, as well as changing the role that has been given to them all these years, a role of submission, a non-leading role where the woman has no more relevance than her spouse can give her.

We have seen great changes in the beneficiary communities of this program, projects have been developed that have not only helped women to be aware of their own rights but also to enforce them as a fundamental part of their homes and society. The following initiatives have been developed in this area.

  1. Creation of the first women’s soccer team, a pilot project that resulted in the replication of the majority of Intibucá communities, which  turned to  facilitate access to being able to offer workshops on these topics that were taboo before the project began.
  2. Women’s self-help group: This initiative is aimed to empowering women in every sense, psychologically and socially, self-esteem workshops were given, they were taught about entrepreneurship to seek economic independence and thus prevent this manipulation by the spouse in special cases.
  3. Workshops and seminars are organized in which all members of the beneficiary families participate in order to create a culture of respect for women’s rights.