JLC seeks that the communities that work with us come to a reality in which they don’t need our intervention, as a grassroots organization we want the rural communities of indigenous groups to be fully independent and self-sufficient. In this sense we have done a unique effort to impulse any initiative that will resume as an income to the community and their families.

This is the reason why we have join efforts with the community groups to launch this initiative of bringing income with handmade Lenca products of different kinds, made by the different groups that we have empowered thru all our projects.

How All Started

With all our different initiatives we empower the community member specially youth and women in different areas of products making. We develop different kind of workshops for them to teach them how to create new products based on their own culture and history. After several years of learning to skill different kind of hand made products the community have achieve to develop interesting ideas of products that reflect their culture and history as ancient indigenous groups.

Products Available

  1. Painting reflecting Lenca Culture history and endemic nature species.
  2. Swimming suits, reflecting color, culture and history of Lenca culture.
  3. Tea boxes and wood crafting ideas.

How this benefit the Communities?

When this products are sell the community member receive directly and income that can become sustainable and helps the families in this specific communities to overcome food security and social-economic problems. Being able to export this products means a direct beneficial way of sustainability for the community members. JLC has helped the community to make their skill much better and to expand their way they can present all this products to a specific market. We have given them workshops in:

  • Marketing.
  • Sales.
  • Generations change.
  • Selling ideas.
  • Targeting different markets.
  • Team work.
  • Quality service.
  • Administration.
  •  Entrepreneurship skills.
  • Social media selling.
  • Community managing.

Thru JLC intervention we have find a social enterprise that will help the community initiatives in their path for a direct participation in the local and international  markets with the products that they are offering. The enterprise MONKULUM has helped the community members to understand the different obstacles that they need to overcome in order to be able to compete with the hand made products in different markets.

JLC thru MONKOLUM understanding of the local and international markets is constantly seeking for new ideas of products that can be easy move in a local and international scenarios, MONKULUM and JLC are constantly looking for better primary resources , better material, and quality handmade crafting that truly reflect the culture and the history of handmade indigenous products.