“The opportunity I was gifted volunteering alongside the beautiful people of Honduras and JLC has made me the person I am today. Hoping to learn Spanish and immerse myself in their way of life the organisation made things happen that I am thankful for 6 years later.

From home stays in the rural communities to flower arranging classes hoping to empower women. Clay and paper making. Organising medical brigades, learning Spanish words from children and sharing the equivalent in English. Waterfall watching, canoe cruising cleaning out the lake, spending your days mixing with like minded amigos!

Camping and nights at Rincon Lenco. Learning a new genre of music. Reggaton! All supporting me in learning what I was passionate about in life and what to be grateful for. I draw on experiences in my job interviews to this day and always will, I’ll keep telling friends and family tales from my time there. I would recommend the experience to anyone. Thank you.”

Lori Hiscocks, England