The Volunteer Program is our pilot program and the first of three to be fully covered, including the option for travel expenses and additional touristic destinations once you have completed the cycle.

It has a duration of 35 days in which you’ll be traveling around three different communities, getting to know and help indigenous groups. Within the experience, you’ll also be taking a practical Spanish course and an open water diving course with an international certificate.

Prices start at 4,290 USD

You can also let us handle the flight tickets and/or add extra destinations for once you’ve completed the cycle.

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You won’t ever forget 35 days here
Volunteers Arrival

  • Arrival to SPS International Airport.

  • Move to La Esperanza.

  • Stay at Los Pinos Hotel.

02 - 03

  • Volunteers inductions.

04 - 08

  • You'll be working in the community.

09 - 10
Team Meetings

  • Team meetings for initiatives planning.

11 - 15

  • You'll be working in the community.

16 - 17
Team Meeting

  • Team meetings for initiatives planning.

18 - 22
Week in the Community

  • Move to Manazapa for a week.

  • Develop the Work Plan in the community.

23 - 28

  • Coffee Plantation Tour.

  • Take part in a Medical Brigade.

29 - 33

  • Travel to the community of Santa Fe, Trujillo.

  • Take the Open Water diving course.

Volunteers Departure

  • Departure from SPS International Airport.

Placido Cafe

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