JLC has worked for the communities to be independent and for them to develop a sustainable way of living with dignity and at least with basic human rights standards. This is why JLC created the WOMEN EMPLOYMENT PROJECT FOR INDIGENOUS COMMUNITIES,  was created to ensure a way for women from indigenous communities to work complying to all their rights and benefits of a job according to law.

This projects aims to empower and educate with different tools women that seek for a stable jobs with better economic conditions. The work goes in two ways , working in houses taking care of specific and daily errands with families , and babysitting taking care of baby’s or children in  families that need this service.

Direct Benefits of the Program

  1. Finding stable and good jobs with all the benefits provided by law.
  2. Monitoring of job contacts.
  3. Ensuring the respect of al labor rights in each jobs.
  4. Empowerment for each women participating in this program including new abilities for them to have better opportunities and salaries. 
  5. Ensure and sustainable income for the families for rural and indigenous communities.

 Way the Program works 

JLC thru informal empowerment and specific educational workshops work directly with women that want to be part of the program, the organization creates a profile for each women that will be public in our web page for people to see and select for each require job. 

After a person selected a profile of our groups of empowered women, JLC will be intermediating until the contract is signed and both parties agree in salary and labor conditions.

JLC will monitor thru phone calls the labor relations between both ´parties to see if everything is working out the way it was pact thru the contract.

Profile of women 

Each woman that participates in the employment program will have a profile that will show specific skills, each one of them guarantee by the organization , in this was the people with specific requirements will know exactly what a woman can or cannot do. The aim of this project is to guarantee that bother parties are satisfied with the labor relation.