The JLC international volunteer program creates real change in the lives of Honduran rural communities, particularly for indigenous groups who live in poor conditions without basic human rights. By working directly with community leaders, JLC is able to form strong alliances and implement sustainable projects that have a direct impact on the target communities.

Volunteers have the opportunity to work on ongoing projects in areas such as gender, food security, eco-tourism, education for children, and mitigation of violence. By participating in the program, volunteers not only contribute to these initiatives but also gain valuable experience and knowledge about the communities they work with.

Through the program, JLC ensures that all donation money is used for expenses related to the volunteer’s stay in Honduras, as well as the implementation of ongoing projects. Each volunteer has an individual project plan based on their interests and expertise, and progress is regularly reviewed with the implementation team to ensure successful completion. By participating in the program, volunteers are making a tangible and positive impact on the lives of Honduran communities while also gaining valuable personal and professional development.