What real change we are making with the international volunteer program?

JLC as an organization that works with rural communities specifically with indigenous groups, find its strength working hand by hand with the community leaders. There is no way that the projects that JLC works on the communities can work if there was not an alliance between community leaders and the organization. 

We have to understand that 80% of Honduran rural communities live in poor conditions, despite what the government says, people in rural communities especially indigenous groups live with put the basic human rights.

Our program works directly with communities with no further intermediaries  or delays, we give the volunteer a working plan based on its interests and expertise so the volunteer can work in the projects we have ongoing in the communities.

What kind of projects the volunteer are involve in once they are in Honduras ?

The volunteer has the opportunity to work in all the initiatives run by the NGO in the target community, the projects are:

  1. Gender
  2. Food security program 
  3. Eco- Tourism 
  4. Education for children
  5. Mitigation of violence 

How are the projects plan created?

The project plan for the volunteers is individual, the volunteer and the NGO create a specific working plan for each volunteer, base in what the volunteers wants to work and the expertise that each one brings to Honduras. 

The participations certificate is link to the full filling of the working plan, there are mid-terms review with the implementation team to look forward to complete implementation of each working plan.

What are other certificates part of the program?

  1. Volunteers in rural community’s certificate.
  2. Coffee course and tasting
  3. Spanish intensive course
  4. Garifuna gastronomic course
  5. Garifuna dancing course (punta)

How is the donation used by the organization?

The NGO  is not a business all the money is used in the ongoing initiatives that the volunteers are part of.  This donations money is use for the expenses of the volunteer in Honduras , transport, food, allocation and the implementation of the ongoing projects,   the volunteers get to see the true investment in the communities.

See graphic…..

Who benefits from this international volunteer program?

We know for experience that the work done by the volunteers created a direct impact in the target communities, they give sustainability to the ongoing projects. We also know that the volunteers learns a lot from the experience of working, living and seeing how the communities live and work. Is important to understand that the impact for this program is not only for the beneficiaries but also for the volunteers that decide to seek this kind of community tourism with social impact.

See video for more information of community leaders…

Do the donation benefit directly the target communities?

The donation that the volunteers give the NGO for the international program directly goes to the projects in the communities , budgets , working plan are all information that the volunteer will have in hand. In every part of the exchange experience the volunteers has direct contact with the community leaders that will tell in first hand if the investments on the projects are helping the community as a whole.

How is this community chosen to be beneficiary?

The organization has more than 12 years working with indigenous groups in the area, and this community is pioneer of several human rights initiatives of the organization, the leaders of this community have participated in an integral empowerment development run by the NGO, the community that the volunteers will be working already have experience in several initiatives , this is why the work done by the volunteers will have more impact due to the experience of the beneficiaries working in similar projects.