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Our History

Here you will discover the remarkable journey of the JLC organization and the milestones achieved in making a positive impact on the communities it serves. From humble beginnings to becoming a renowned social development organization, we have grown through hard work, dedication, and unwavering commitment to the people we serve. Join us on a journey of discovery and learn how the JLC organization has transformed the lives of countless individuals and communities over the years.

January 2003

Everything Started This Way

As a team of young people in full university academic training, we identified unmet needs in our society, especially in those sectors in vulnerable situations, in addition to this, we discovered other interests that united us, such as the approach and the protection of indigenous groups, Protection of Human Rights and Environment, thus defining the bases of the values that today govern rules our organization; Working committees were created thus, beginning the operation of JLC.

We consolidated the ties between the organization and the communities and strengthened them because the vision and our commitment were built under the premise of human development and quality of life.

March 2007

First Projects

Investigative efforts were made, personal and professional contacts were shared and more people with similar interests to ours decided to be involved, we planned and carried out Medical-Dental brigades, since social projection is of the utmost importance for the organization. Alternately to that, we started the Project to consolidate community organizations such as Associations of the Water Board among the Neighbours of Lencas Communities such as: Manazapa. Rio Grande. The Zapote. Chiligatoro, in the Department of Intibucá, In this project we were awarded with an award consisting in a scholarship granted to the Organizations President at the Central University of Europe in Hungary for a Master in Human Rights.

October 2009

Development In Times of Crisis

During the Strong political crisis in the country The organization seeks to empower its members on issues based on principles of equality and tolerance. They developed proposals and projects for the protection of human rights in matters of intra-family violence, equitable gender participation in the country's democratic system. the nomination of candidates for new members on December 28th; selection and presentation of the membership winners, then we proceeded without delay to carry out brigades, Legal clinics and workshops with the new members in the communities, so that they could come into contact with the JLC work methodology, create awareness of the values that we promote in our team.

January 2010

New Members

Filtering and selection of new members, Strengthening of our working committees. Creation of our Work Plan for 2010; The Dental Brigades and self-help workshops and the training continues in indigenous human rights in specific areas, along with continuous research to direct the focus of our next Projects

November 2011

Official Governmental Registration

This year we work on Specific issues of gender equality in the country's democratic system, promoting awareness workshops to combat Domestic Violence in rural areas, planning for the implementation of rural legal clinics begins. We address issues of drug and alcohol prevention in youth in several of our beneficiary communities. Intensified professional training workshops on issues of leadership, etiquette, interpersonal relationships, entrepreneurship for our members. And finally, after many efforts, we were able to obtain our official governmental registration, this fundamental achievement allowed us to establish contacts with potential donors and national and international organizations with which we can make strategic agreements for the execution of projects in benefit of the Lenca communities with which JLC had and currently has a direct relationship.

April 2012

Our First Forum

After an enormous planning and logistics we organized our "First Forum on Legal Empowerment and Human Rights". JLC Tegucigalpa, Honduras Central America.

  • Participation in the Forum on Gender, Human Rights and Health sponsored by Panamerican Health Organization. International leadership program. for Human Rights. United States, Connecticut.
  • UN-Habitat Participation and Gender Equality MSME Program, Nairobi.
  • Representation in the Central American Youth Movement Against Violence at the annual meeting of the Central American Integration System (SICA) Guatemala City, Guatemala

July 2013

More Initiatives

along with our continuous work in the Lenca communities in La Esperanza, Intibucá, we continued to be part of other national and international initiatives such as:

  • ICF Initiative for Honduras, Progressio Young Leaders Forum
  • Global Conference on Democracy, Human Rights and the Fragility of Liberty, McGill University Center for Human Rights and Legal Pluralism
  • Echenberg Fellowship 2013
  • My PYME Participation and Gender Equality Program UN-Habitat Nairobi.

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