What we’re all about

We are all part of a global community. We believe in controlled, impactful, and hence the positive change. We are now sure that working with communities in developing countries will end up changing our world most positively

Seventeen years ago we launched 14 community initiatives that still thrive today. With these initiatives we aim to alleviate social problems like gender equality, food security, indigenous youth entrepreneurship, ecotourism, coral reef conservation and child care. Now, over the last past year, in the middle of the new reality, we have been re-imaging our organization and launched the Volunteer Program. A program of community-based tourism that will allow us to function as a bridge and serve yet another option for foreigners interested in this type of Initiatives and a trustful aid for communities in the Central American region.

After some extensive research, it was noticeable to us the lack of a regional program run by people that know the struggle and aimed for this kind of experience to take place in Central American countries, so that’s where we come in.

Our Programs

The Volunteer Program is our pilot program and the first of three to be fully covered, it has the option of including travel expenses and additional touristic destinations as an option for when you have completed the cycle.

It has a duration of 35 days in which you’ll be traveling around three different communities, getting to know and help indigenous groups. Within the experience, you’ll also be taking a practical Spanish course and an open water diving course with an international certificate.

Prices start at 4,290 USD

The Cycles

Each cycle starts the moment we open applications to the public through our website. After inquiring for more information, our people operations team will reach out to you to schedule a video call so you can clear doubts to build trust. 

After that meeting, an email will be sent to you with the application form so that you can fill in with your details. There you’ll be able to select or discard the options that will finally shape your experience. Once ready, you can proceed to make the initial deposit.

Next Steps

We are a group of professional young people based in Honduras. Among us, we have artists, lawyers, teachers, designers, and engineers. Together we had this vision, in which opening this door to our communities radically changed the way they develop. It is our honest desire that this project brings equality to all of us as citizens of a global society and that this is a door not only for the communities but for new opportunities around the globe.

Nowadays, we have become a group of 5 people fully on board that meets every week with more than 25 local collaborators and three regionals in the USA and Europe. During the last two months, we have made several alliances with key partners, hotels, tour operators, restaurants, and resorts to guarantee the success of the programs and a painless growth for our project as we extend this collaboration model throughout the region. We aim to launch the project somewhere between December 2020 and January 2021, and the first cycle to start by March 2021. 

Message from the Director

Our international volunteer program is the opportunity to change people's lives, working hand by hand to develop different means for a sustainable change. Helping indigenous communities in a situation of vulnerability by providing the opportunity to create different ways to fulfill a life with dignity and courage. Our volunteers make a real difference, our program is made to achieve a real and tangible experience for every party involved in the process. From the work in the communities, the coffee plantations, the ecotourism trails, and hikes, to our very own coral reef protection program.

We will always strive to share the experience in culture, nature, and human growth with our volunteers. Our program is one that will leave a mark on your lives, it will become a once in a lifetime experience. You will become the light in other people's lives. Take this opportunity to embark on a life changing experience.


“It is the most beautiful experience of my life. The people of Honduras are the most beautiful, generous, kind, and loving that I have ever met in my life. Despite the problems that are present in Honduras, I did not feel uncomfortable or in danger at any time. Instead, I felt welcomed, comfortable, integrated into the community where I was. The impact they had on my life was unforgettable. I am preparing to return to Honduras.”

Ann Spencer, England

“It was a life-changing experience. As soon as we met our teammates, everything fell into place. We started teaching each other our native languages, sharing stories, and then the work began. With JLC, we traveled out to rural villages in Intibuca to try and discover what those communities needed and wanted from us. Some of our projects included working with physical objectives, such as building a children’s playground.”

Hannah Tugwell, England

“I volunteered with Jóvenes Liderando Cambios back in October – December 2013. It was a great experience to interact with these indigenous communities at a local level. During my time there, we worked on planting a food patch for the school children, women’s football training, and climate change awareness.”

Tim Newman, England

“I volunteered with Jóvenes Liderando Cambios in 2013. The experience of learning about the Lenca community was enlightening because I managed to get to know them on a personal level. For me, this was the best part of my volunteering experience. My advice to new volunteers would be to focus on interacting with the local people as much as possible.”

Andrea Medina, Honduras

“This opportunity made me the person I am today. From homestays in the rural communities to flower arranging classes hoping to empower women, to clay and papermaking, organizing medical brigades, learning Spanish words from children, and sharing the equivalent in English. I draw on experiences in my job interviews to this day and always will. I’ll keep telling tales from my time there. I would recommend the experience to anyone.”

Lori Hiscocks, England

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