January 1, 2021

Food Safety

Food Safety

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This project has been one of the most challenging initiatives for our organization. In the area of our influence, most people only have access to one meal a day, and the income for families is unstable or non-existent. However, we have identified the potential strengths within the beneficiary communities that can be used as a source of sustainable food creation. With access to fertile land, the sea, and diverse flora and fauna, we have developed pilot projects on the following topics:

  • School gardens: to ensure that children attending school have access to a nutritious diet.
  • Family gardens: as a source of income and to provide healthy food for families.
  • Fish farming
  • Chicken breeding
  • Responsible and sustainable exploitation of the sea

Despite having a large territorial space, these communities lack the necessary funds and guidance to exploit their resources and guarantee their food production. Through this program, we aim to ensure that the beneficiary communities achieve food security in an integrated and sustainable way.