January 1, 2021

Hand Made Lenca Products

Hand Made Lenca Products

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JLC is committed to empowering rural communities and helping them become self-sufficient and independent. To achieve this, we have collaborated with various community groups to launch an initiative that generates income through the sale of handmade Lenca products. These products are made by the community members whom we have empowered through our various projects.

How It All Began

Our handmade Lenca products include paintings that reflect the culture and history of the Lenca people and their endemic flora and fauna. We also have swimming suits that feature Lenca cultural symbols and colors, as well as tea boxes and wood crafting ideas.

Products Available

  1. Painting reflecting Lenca Culture history and endemic nature species.
  2. Swimming suits, reflecting color, culture and history of Lenca culture.
  3. Tea boxes and wood crafting ideas.

How this benefit the Communities?

The sale of these products directly benefits the community members, providing them with sustainable income to help their families overcome food security and socioeconomic problems. Exporting these products also helps sustain the community members. JLC has provided the community with workshops on marketing, sales, team work, quality service, administration, entrepreneurship skills, social media selling, and community management.

JLC has partnered with MONKULUM, a social enterprise that helps community initiatives gain direct participation in local and international markets with the products they offer. With MONKULUM’s help, community members have learned to understand the obstacles they need to overcome to compete with other handmade products in different markets. JLC and MONKULUM are constantly seeking new product ideas, primary resources, better materials, and quality handmade crafting that truly reflect the culture and history of handmade indigenous products.