January 1, 2021



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This project addresses one of the most sensitive issues in indigenous communities; Every day the communities remain without their young people either because they are recruited by organized crime or because they emigrate towards a better future in foreign lands. What the organization seeks with  its initiative is to create a sustainable source of income for the young strength of the communities. It seeks to train, empower and educate the target population in the creation of commercial initiatives that are self-sustaining and represent a true economic input for the beneficiaries.

We have been able to advance on important issues of entrepreneurship by young people in the creation of the following micro enterprises:

  1. Local mini markets
  2. Chickens Raising.
  3. Tourism companies.
  4. Manufacture of costume jewellery.
  5. Handicrafts and derivatives

The project seeks to comprehensively promote small-scale investment by injecting seed capital into micro enterprises initiatives that are born from the community and that  the profit remains in the community, thus causing a structural change in the socio-economic reality of the beneficiary communities