February 8, 2021

A Gender Project: Community Women Soccer

A Gender Project: Community Women Soccer

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You might think that in this 21th century basic human  rights are at least as an acceptable standard for everybody; but the truth is that in Honduras situation for many families is very difficult. In rural Honduras, access to basic health, education and access to justice is inexistent, people have to struggle to survive and have the minimum to eat in a daily basis.  With all this reality we have to foresee that this situation has a direct impact in human relations between the indigenous families as a whole.

Domestic Violence and violence against women is an issue that has being part of the community for a long time now.  JLC has worked with this issue with communities for more than 13 years, trying thru education and empowerment to decrease this violence against women.  Under this intentions, JLC implemented a way for the community to encourage and support this project for empowerment and prevention for violence against women; thru football.

In this communities as strange as it may sound, women were not allow to play soccer, it was unthinkable that a women could play or be part of a soccer team. As everybody knows soccer in Latin American countries is a very strong sport, and it is play in every corner or the country. We took a positive advantage of this and told the men that play soccer every day that we would give them uniforms , balls and make tournaments only if they support the creation for  women soccer teams; they agree that day with a very enthusiastic atmosphere. This was now 10 years ago , women soccer teams grew very fast in all  the rural communities of Intibucá; and not only they grew fast, but they all were supported by men in the communities. 

Part of the agreement was that in order to receive all this support women have to participate in workshops and activities for prevention of violence and specific actions for them to be empower. This is an ongoing and sustainable initiative that has given very good results for the beneficiary communities.