February 9, 2021

JLC Medical Brigades

JLC Medical Brigades

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Access to health in rural communities in situation of vulnerability for indigenous groups is almost inexistent. Hospitals and health centers do not provide the basic health care assistance to people that also have no sufficient income to look for private clinics or doctors. Communities in Intibucá have a very difficult geographic location, and is very hard for them to travel to La Esperanza where the main public hospital is located. In many cases they also don’t have any medicines that ill people need.

Under this reality JLC has implemented a way thru which this families can have access to general and specific health care situations. JLC thru their member and volunteers have bring more than one hundred medical brigades to this communities. With the emergency situation that covid-19 has created, we realized the importance of this actions to medical brigades that help in a direct way the indigenous groups with no access to health.

Usually JLC works with doctors and dentist that volunteer to have a day for health care assistance in the beneficiary communities. We bring medical treatment and direct medical consults to people that do not have access to healthcare. The impact that we create is direct  to the communities.  Every medical brigade directly helps more than 300 hundred people.  With the recent hurricanes emergencies and covid-19 situations this medical brigades have become very important to fulfill this important human right.

All the help the JLC brings to this communities is in because of the volunteer work and the capacity of the organization to lobby health care help thru the ongoing initiatives that guarantee the survival of this medical brigade program. 

2020 Medical Brigade