February 7, 2021

The Volunteer Program has Launched!

The Volunteer Program has Launched!

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JLC is a non profit organization  that tries to help groups in vulnerable situation in rural Honduras. Thru human rights initiatives JLC empower ls communities to be economically independent and sustainable respecting environmental  international standards. This past January JLC with the collaboration of several enterprises and strategic partners launched the new international volunteer program 2021, a program that aims to make stronger communities with pilot projects that will become sustainable in small period of time. 

The weekend started with the community visit that we made in Belen, department of Intibuca, at 7am we start our trip to rural Honduras , a very difficult road that we’re in a  very bad shape because of the 2 hurricanes that damage the majority of roads in Honduras. After 2 hours of hills and difficult dirt roads we arrived at the beneficiary community that was waiting for us with a great breakfast of traditional food; after sharing the breakfast with the community leaders we had a meeting where we were said that the volunteer program was more than welcome and that they are eager to work hand by hand with the international volunteers.

After this meeting we went hiking until we arrived to a fairy tale cascade in the middle of the forrest , there we had a very interesting meeting with eco-friendly ideas to bring more tourism to that beautiful sight. As we return to the community center we enjoyed a very delicious lunch that was prepared for unusual by the  community leaders.

We arrived to La Esperanza city at 3:00pm, with enough time to rest and prepare for the oficial launching  of the international volunteer program .later that night all the enterprises were ready and eager to start the gala that was everything that we expected. In this meeting JLC explained about that international volunteer program with all the participants, later the enterprises share what was their vision and their participation in the program.

Everything was as expected and officially the program was launched,  now Honduras, indigenous communities and all the parties involve are happy to welcome all international volunteer and to work hand by hand with communities and share culture and beautiful sights that the program will give as a unique experience for those that want to change the world.

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