October 23, 2020

“JLC gave me the most beautiful experience in my life” – Ann Spencer from England

“JLC gave me the most beautiful experience in my life” – Ann Spencer from England

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“The volunteer experience in Honduras inspired me so much that I decided to stay in Honduras as a teacher in a bilingual school. Also, to understand the struggle of many people in Honduras, I chose to be the leader of the school’s girl scouts and we held events to help the community, for example, collecting materials and resources for the Maternal Infant of Gracias Lempira, or clothing for the community. of Arcilaca.

I, and the other volunteers learned a lot in that experience and I am very happy to see that many volunteers are following up with volunteer acts, or are working with charities, organizations and education because they feel like they can make a difference and that is a direct result of do your volunteering in Honduras.

There are no words to describe how volunteering in Honduras changed my life. It is the most beautiful experience in my life. The people of Honduras are the most beautiful, generous, kind and loving that I have ever met in my life. Despite the problems that are present in Honduras, I did not feel uncomfortable, in danger – the other way around, I felt welcomed, comfortable, and integrated into the community where I was. The truth is, I don’t know if I had such an impact on the communities, but the impact they had on my life was unforgettable. I learned so much and I hope to think that I am a better person for all that I learned. For all that, I am already preparing to return to Honduras to live and I am counting the days to be in Catracha land again!”

Ann Spencer, England