February 15, 2021

David’s Experience as a new Agent of Change

David’s Experience as a new Agent of Change

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I had heard about JLC in the past, but never had the chance to get close to the full experience of being part of their teamwork, and see with  my own eyes their area of impact, and most important THE PEOPLE, knowing the Lencas has made me understand the importance of being part of initiatives like JLC are performing Nowadays.

My experience as a volunteer has been of great help to understand the situation in which people from the most distant communities in the Honduran territory lives and despite their many limitations, the smile and gratitude when you bring a little help to them is enormous and sincere, but this is only the beginning, So I hope that projects like the VOLUNTEER PROGRAM can reach many more places in the country since people like the Lenca Community need not only  our solidarity and support but they need another perspective  from people with different kind of knowledge and backgrounds, to enrich their own without losing their essence as an indigenous community.

David Guevara
Now, that I’m part of JLC, My goal as an industrial Engineer is to use my Knowledge to help the work of ethnic groups known nationally and internationally, supporting the different programs of the organization, focused on the internal production of Lenca s products,  collaborating to establish production processes that meet high quality standards, guaranteeing durable and eye-catching products and thus making a tradition of this population last, As well as encouraging people to get to know our country and its customs and cultures that for a long time have been thought forgotten or have gone unnoticed, bringing development to communities through community  tourism.